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Product Doctor - Online self-check-up tool for your digital products | Product Hunt
Product Doctor - Online self-check-up tool for your digital products | Product Hunt
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An Organized Collection of Real-World Digital Product Examples!

This ebook is a comprehensive guide that provides you with an organized collection of real-world digital product examples. With this resource, you'll have access to a wide variety of examples from different sectors, each carefully curated to highlight good and bad design practices.

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A Comprehensive Guide with Curated Examples!

It includes carefully selected examples that are curated to showcase good and bad design practices, providing readers with valuable insights and inspiration. The guide covers various topics, sectors, or both, depending on how the ebook is organized.

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Compare Your Product with Curated Examples

By comparing their digital product with carefully curated examples in the ebook, readers can gain insights into what works and what doesn't in digital product design. This process can help readers improve their own design skills and create better digital products that meet the needs of their audience.

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Do you offer a free trial?

We offer free benchmarks related with questions. You can get an Audit. You'll see examples with the questions.

Do you have refund policy?

Unfortunately. We offer our services digitally. When you get your digital copy it's yours.

How I'll get the benchmark list?

You'll get the benchmark list on Airtable shared view. You can download and convert it to any platform.

Do I have to sign-up Airtable?

No you do not have to sign-up on airtable. You can see without log in.


What our customers say

We tried a UX Audit for our new project. The questions we answered made us realize our shortcomings and reflect on them. We want to have an interview with the experts as soon as possible for the flaws we noticed.

John Nui

After we made the audit for our e-commerce site, we had the opportunity to examine the benchmark library. Having made comparisons with similar companies, helped us to identify our weaknesses and directed us forward to the next step.

Namit Ajmani
IOTA Furniture

It's amazing how fast and clear the audit process is! The questions are really thought provoking. It made us realize points we hadn't thought of before. Our next step is to complete the points we missed!

Eylul Danisman
The Grannie